Can’t wait for MacOffice 2008

Microsoft have published a sneak peek at some of the functionality
implemented in the totally rewritten Microsoft Office for Mac
package. I’ve been struggling with MacOffice 2004 for quite a while
now, and it is extremly sluggish under Rosetta emulation on Intel
Macs. It also has a tendency to corrupt files when accessing them on
network shares making them unusable by my Windows-wielding colleagues
(which makes neither my MacBook or myself particularly popular!) The
best solution that I’ve come up with to avoid running MacOffice 2004
is to run the Windows version of Office under VMWare Fusion. This
works very well, and, if you ignore the whole Windows boot-up time,
is actually more responsive for most text-based work than MacOffice
2004 on Intel.

Anyway, can’t wait for the new 2008 version of Office to ship! The
preview site can be accessed here.